Italian Artisan Roasting Company

Highly selected italian coffee 100% arabica.

We build our artisan roasting company with intent that quality is the way to success. So aim of our artisan roasting company is "excellence". Our brand was created in 2008, to produce an high quality coffee. We choose to use 100% arabica coffee to create our blends, to make you feel the real italian coffee! We are a young company determined to keep our proposal of quality coffee. For this reason we have selected the best coffee's importer of Italy to support our selling network. We have tasted all his quality of coffee, more than 400, in order to select the best arabica quality for our customers. It is not easy to identify real high quality coffee, one has to discover his secret features. One has to analyze smells, tastes and looks. A perfect coffee could not lack of any of those qualities. But that is not enough! The art of coffee producer is to mix different kinds of coffee to intensify qualities of blends. To be successful in this goal, one have to know everything about the origin of different quality of coffee. And it is what we have done! And we reached it!
Our slogan is "...e l'aroma continua.." It means link between past and future, tradition and innovation, passions and rationality...and of course between producer and customer. We believe that is very important not to lose traditions and bring to customers all our know-how, our experience, our art, and our passion for italian coffee...we try to put it all in a cup of coffee! That is our dream, our aim!

To express our intent we dedicated many attentions to create packaging suited with our philosophy. Then, also packaging wants to remind tradition and serenity, reason that we have chosen brown, grey and gold, as colours of our brand. We produce 100% arabica coffee's blends in beans, ground coffee, coffee pods and coffee capsules. We use only the best raw materials to wrap our products taking care of environment and maintaining intact smell and taste.

From us customers can find also domestic coffee machine and professional machine, too, to make the real espresso italian coffee by him self and enjoy it with family or friends. We are sure we offer value-for-money products, high quality coffee and in addition to that we are specialized in offering all the support a client needs, with accuracy and cordiality. This is our aim, that is what we are!



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