Our Coffee blends: 100% arabica high quality coffee blends

 To create our blends we use exclusive 100% arabica coffee:       

 All our green coffee typologies are washed arabica coffee, to ensure best quality of raw materials.

In our blends we use 14 different quality coffee coming from all over the world. Mostly we use South and Central America coffee where the best arabica grows. Of course we use Brazilian coffee and also African and Indian best quality.

Our coffee is always fresh. We roast it only when our customers order coffee. We use a delicate method of roasting to exalt aroma and taste of our blends. Real Italian coffee roasting.



 Sensory profile of our coffee blends:


JAMAICAN BLUE MOUNTAIN is the most prestigious gourmet coffee in the world. Arabica 100%


Regions: 6000 hectares between Kingston in the

south and Port Maria / Port Antonio in the north
Municipality: Saint Andrew, Saint Thomas,

Portland e Saint Mary
Height: between 500 and 2.350 m
Plantation protected from the sun
Variety: 100% Arabica Special
Conserved in barrel.
Washed with traditional system.

 Sandalj Dna Certified


 KARATHU is a full-bodied and very aromatic blend, with aftertaste of cacao and a soft fragrance of cream.


Karathu Blend excel for presence on

Columbia Supreme Arabica

Coltivation: Hispanola Caribbean sea

Central and East Island

Description: delicate and fruity.

With a strong body, intense. Smooth acidity.

Marks of chocolate and dried fruit.

FARAFIJI is a refined blend with a persistent taste, you can feel nice chocolate's flavour and a fruited aftertaste of apricot.

Farafiji Blend excel for presence of

Nicaragua Arabica grand Cru Maragogype

Coltivation: 500-2000 m

Description: Soft acidity, fresh aromatic mark,

very pronounced sweetness and good body.


KARABAJ is a versatile coffee blend, you can feel flower's aroma and a very soft note of citrus fruit.


Karabaj Blend excel for presence of

Santo Domingo Arabica Barahone

Coltivation: Hispanola Caribbean sea

Central and East Island

Description: creamy coffee from fine body

and nice acidity. That combines with a

clear vein of toasted cereals, tobacco and

reminiscences of toasted hazelnuts.
There's also marks of chocolate and

delicate fresh mint.



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