What makes the difference

Always Fresh Coffee. Daily roasting. Every day, depending on customers orders we decide how much coffee to roast. It's very important for us to give you always fresh coffee. Coffee is a fruit of a plant, and as such, has to be considered. Freshness is essential.

Our blends are not easy blends of coffee, we have studied their composition for over two years. We have made the road from Trieste, where our importer Sandalj is, to Florence, where our roasting laboratory is, to take and taste more then 400 samples of coffee. In our laboratory we have selected 7 of 400 type of coffee, 1 out of 57 for each blends. Using 7 different  type of coffee in each blend ensure you to drink a coffee that doesn't change over time. Always taste as the first time. Constancy is essential.

All that is very important, but is not enough to get a perfect coffee. Very important is the roasting process. With our master roaster chief Paolo Cappellini for over 6 month we have tried many different roasting method. It was not easy to get what we wanted, my father especially has been very careful on this step. We had in mind a flavour and a taste, an especially Aroma. We have decided to use a slowly roasting method to enhance features of our refined coffee. It has been not easy but now we are ready to offer you our blends as they must be.

Now it is up to you, to chose which better fits your feeling, your taste, your personality.You can find more information about each blends here; in each products schedule you can find a description that can help you to find what you really want.

We have decided to sell our coffee exclusive on line to create a real link between producer and customer. So you can buy coffee on line directly from producer to get a more hard standard of quality. You can order coffee as you want, and don't think about delivery cost. In 3-4 days we delivery your coffee directly at your door, fresh as you know, and free, there are no delivery cost buying coffee by us for orders of 100 euro or more.

I hope you will enjoy our service. We can offer you our blends in coffee beans, coffee pods, ground coffee, and coffee capsules.

Many customers ask us always new products and we continuously study and work to satisfy all your requests. I can reveal in advance in next days we will present a new product for you. Not more news by now, it will be a surprise, even if many of you can imagine what is. As always you can write us or call us whenever you want for any question. We are here for you. Good coffee to everybody!





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